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Excellent care for all horticultural nursery supplies

  • Every tree in our nursery has been budded and grafted in our own fields.

  • Trees are regularly transplanted and their roots pruned in order to provide a good fibrous root system, minimising planting shock & aiding better establishment.

  • All bare root trees are bagged in the field using heavy plastic tree bags to avoid roots drying out.

  • Root balled trees are carefully lifted using a specialist machine.

We deliver nationwide using our own nursery transport and Hannon Horticultural Transport. Please feel free to contact us for a competitive quote or to arrange a visit to the nursery where you can individually select and mark trees. Free delivery on all large orders, including Ireland and UK mainland


Small orders can be delivered at a cost. Contact us for details

About us

At Craigmore Trees, we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and our fantastic customer service. Feedback from customers has been excellent with stock establishment quick and trees having grown on well. We are open for business 6 days a week. Just give us a ring to make sure someone will be in the yard as we spend a lot of the time in the fields as well.


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Horticulture nursery supplies

Our clientele includes

  • Garden centres

  • Councils

  • Landscapers

  • Local authorities

  • Nurseries

  • Other trade customers

  • Weddings, events and TV sets

Reliable suppliers, excellent services

Any variety that we do not grow can be readily sourced from our trading partners thoughout Europe, with short supply times.


We provide country wide delivery. For more information on our services, contact Craigmore Trees today.